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White Cotton Fabric
White Cotton Fabric

Our Story

I & L Threads is a partnership between two friends Irene & Lubie, a friendship that began some 30 years ago while studying fashion at Melbourne Institute of Textiles.

We had a vision to create quality garments that are both comfortable and versatile to wear but most of all to be produced locally and to support other Australian businesses.


 In 2021 I & L Threads  was born.

We are a slow fashion label, our style is sophisticated casual, our garments are designed to embrace shape and all your curves. I & L Threads offers timeless pieces, inspired by organic fabrics. Our goal is to create exclusive designs that each wearer can adapt to freely express their own unique and wonderful style, embracing their own shape.


White Cotton Fabric
White Cotton Fabric

Our Mission

Here at I & L Threads we started with a dream that came true in 2021. Since bringing our ideas into fruition, we have been committed to our pledge to produce our products locally and to support local businesses. 

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for people to engage and contribute to a more ethical and eco-friendly consumer initiative. We proudly design and produce all our garments in Australia supporting our local textiles businesses and reducing our carbon footprint.

All our fabrics are Australian sourced, the majority are organic and knitted in Melbourne and are Australian Certified Organic.

White Cotton Fabric
White Cotton Fabric

The Future

I & L Threads cares deeply about the health of the Earth, which is why we are proud to be a slow fashion brand.

We aim to use natural and organic fabrics where possible and reduce our carbon footprint by producing locally and supporting local businesses and products.

We produce small runs and consider circularity by re purposing our waste fabrics.

We need to train ourselves that shopping can be about more than just buying something new and that we should always consider sustainability in our choices, we aim to show our customers that imports may come at a cheaper price but at the expense of the environment.

I&L Threads chooses quality over quantity, planet over profits making a difference to our planet one garment at a time, all while helping the future of our Industry grow.

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